Cosmopolitics: Displacement and the Freak Archive @ Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin [11. Juli]

Cosmopolitics: Displacement and the Freak Archive

20:00 - 01:00

Hopscotch Reading Room
Kurfurstenstr. 14 ( im hof, rechts), 10785 Berlin, Germany
A moment with the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest and the Newsletter for the Fellows of the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive/global.

Rural and or distant insurrections in Rojava and the ZAD and even with nearby struggles to defend squats provide an ideal path that we have not taken. We labour instead on our projects and with our institutions and networks, between insurrection and reform and poetry, to construct something else, to whatever extent, in this (or any other) city. Making plans is that something else we do, making plans is that freak who chooses to remain oriented towards a different future because it would be too easy to be otherwise.

Though the magic in individual economies and the boundaries of the critical mind's daily routine might provide some a sense of security, we all see that between reactionary politics, Climate Change and the fascist creep that these are unsettling times for cosmopolitical ways. Cosmopolitical ways are the sum-total of the bets we’ve made with ourselves and our pasts. They are expressed as aspirations for what we are doing culturally and politically– as individuals, collaboratives, and with the institutions and meanings we think we can somehow articulate and construct through heterogeneous ways and institutions. Though the 'creative-cities' conversation we suffer through would suggest otherwise, most of us meant something (collectively and actually) meaningful when we critically constructed our own individual plans to somehow work this way.

With cultural invention as our diffuse infrastructure, how are our political projects possible when we do not own the means of production?

This is a dialogue that assumes a somehow collective project. It pulls from slices from Herbst’s recent work, described below, to frame a wider conversation about what we are doing.

— The Newsletter for the Fellows of the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive/global which looks at the global concerns of Northern California hippie communities whose illegal pot economy has, somehow since the 1970’s, informed the affective passions of their region's de-centered but successful leftist socio-cultural insurrection.

— Situating Ourselves in Displacement (co-edited with Paula Cobo-Guevara and Manuela Zechner) a book on the ways and affirmative responses to the displacements of neoliberal European economies. (co-published by Journal of Aesthetics & Protest and Minor Compositions).

— A Non-Atlas of Climate Change / Issue 10, Journal of Aesthetics & Protest – a survey of re-arrangeable concepts contingent to climate change activism and arts – and therefore an explication of how abstracted cultural forms do and do not matter in the times of the world being remade- from within and around our techno-cultural rabbit hole.

There will be a presentation by Marc Herbst. After, we hope you will join us for a discussion.

Marc Herbst is an editor, artist, writer and sometimes co-organizer whose broad theoretical work and interests looks at the aesthetics, performances, and material exchanges between people's needs, their cultural expression and the wider natural and political world… and vice-versa. He has a PhD from Goldsmiths University's Centre for Cultural Studies in London, is a Fellow at the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive/global, and a co-editor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest.

Relevant books and reading material from Hopscotch's collection will be available for reading and purchasing.
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