Roda de Feijoada #5 l World Cup Final w/ Felipe Cordeiro @ YAAM Berlin, Berlin [15. Juli]

Roda de Feijoada #5 l World Cup Final w/ Felipe Cordeiro

13:00 - 23:59

YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Special Edition w/ Combo Cordeiro l DA MATTA

We are proud to announce that our next edition will have two really special guests: Felipe Cordeiro and Manuel Cordeiro (Pará/Brasil), presenting the project Combo Cordeiro.

Felipe Cordeiro is one of the main names on the Brazilian contemporary scene, known for its Tropical Pop, which brings references of rock, Guitarrada, Carimbó, Cumbia and digital music. Manoel Cordeiro is a guitarist and producer of hundreds of Amazon artist of the 70s and 80s, in genres such as Lambada, Brega, Electric Carimbó, Boi Bumbá and
Guitarrada such as Beto Barbosa, Carrapicho, among others.

Listen in Spotify:

DJ DA MATTA will warm up and close the party with an Old School Funk Carioca Session.

You will experience something really traditional, a real «samba de raiz» led by DA MATTA, Trigo Santana, Daniel Marques, Amoy Ribas and Zinho do Rebolo.

Most typical Brazilian food.
Back to the slavery times, the leftovers from the land owners were given to the slaves. They mixed everything with black beans and invented the Feijoada. Served with rice, farofa (manioc flower) and slices of fresh orange. Originally with different cuts of meats.

Vegan friends, you are also taken care and a tasty vegan feijoada will be warm and cozy for you.

Our kitchen features Dan Timm and Pedro Hostalacio both experienced co-cookers at the Sari-Sari kitchen and projects such as Nowhere Kitchen.

Production by Daniela Cantagalli Pfisterer.

If you have any suggestion, critics and general comments we are glad to receive those through our Facebook account:


// Entry
Donation at the door and you can circulate in the whole YAAM complex. The amount is for the YAAM Project and the socio-cultural work of Kult.verein für Jugendkultur association.

// Feijoada will be served from 1pm until it finishes.
Price: 10 euros. If the portion is not enough for your hunger our team will be happy to provide you with more food.

Price includes production, music, logistics, marketing, food preparation and infra structure costs.

YAAM Disclaimer to World Cup fans:
«We as YAAM stand for a diverse society without borders. We strongly oppose any nationalistic thought, and therefore we kindly ask you not to bring along any national symbols such as flags, make-up, hats etc.

Regarding football apparel we will naturely make an exception for this sport event.

Generally, please refrain from flaunting national symbols, and join us as we celebrate our similarities during these football festivities.

Love Football — Hate Nationalism!»
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