Mō Gallery presents •POA• Irving Ramó's solo show | 48h Neukölln @ Kaduka Berlin, Berlin [vom 22. bis 24. Juni]

Mō Gallery presents •POA• Irving Ramó's solo show | 48h Neukölln

22. - 24.
20:00 - 02:00

Kaduka Berlin
Weserstraße 207, 12047 Berlin, Germany
Mō Gallery is going 48h Neukölln at Kaduka Berlin basement! Join us for this special 2 day exhibition:

RAMÓ is an artist born in Quito, Ecuador. His artistic line of work questions language and seeks to reinterpret ancestral symbols placing them within a contemporary context. Fine arts, visual arts and multidisciplinary design have been his main fields of inquiry and work.
An important creative approach is the one that he has developed as a designer and art director for the Ecuadorian music band “Swing Original Monks”. In collaboration with them he has produced within the lines of graphic design, scenography and visual arts. He has a peculiar boldness that is reflected in the way that he treats images.
These facts make Ramó a provocative and impulsive creator (cambié por personaje pero sino te gusta puedes poner character). His last pictorial research revolves around the experimentation with signs, enhancing a deep examination of writings and graphs from Prehispanic times. This has evolved and become along time a creation of an imaginary writing system, which is combined with a more classic plastic language in his current work.
The result from such investigation is a proposal where realist techniques of painting dialogue with reinterpreted symbols from Latin-American culture and geometry. The piece “Signes” was exhibited in the Fine Arts Martillo studio in Barcelona (Spain) and in the Woodfers Gallery in Miami (U.S), during 2016.
In June 2017, he inaugurated his work “Ofrenda”, conceived and performed together with architect and contemporary artist Felipe Escudero. The exhibition was part of the II International Meeting of Arts Research organised by University of the Arts in Guayaquil City. Ramó’s quest this time was focused on semiological research and recoding processes. He looks to deepen into past to reach another future, an aspirational one, for which it uses an imaginary system of visual pieces installed as an encrypted alphabet, using stone and acrylic painting on canvas.
This same work was exhibited also as a pop-up show in Brooklyn Home of Music, in Brooklyn, NY in July, 2017. In September of the same year, it was included as part of the Annual Art Show of Spread Art NYC, in Brooklyn.
He has developed a short career in street art as well, and has a sort of murals signed with his name in Quito as same as in other cities worldwide.

POA (Journey in the Nahualt language) is an enveloping installation that speaks and refers to the Chak civilization
as a way of memory and recording this lost language from a contemplative view.

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