Steven Warwick & Carlos María Romero · Grüner Salon @ Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin [18. Mai]

Steven Warwick & Carlos María Romero · Grüner Salon

21:00 - 23:00

Volksbühne Berlin
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Steven Warwick & Carlos María Romero:
HQ: (I feel so Mezzaniney)

Grüner Salon, Performance, 8/6 €, Einlass / doors open 20:00

HQ: (I feel so Mezzaniney) is a collaboration by artist & musician Steven Warwick and dancer/choreographer Carlos María Romero. This performance for three dancers and one musician is the latest mutation of Warwick's “Mezzanine” performance series, each of which responds to the architecture in which it is performed, in conjunction here and previously with Romero's choreographic practice. Dancers (Las Mezzaninas) are maids-in-waiting, performing labour and acting out the conflicts found in and on platform capitalism, where self-care routines and community-building are monetised and ...gaslighting fragments trust. Sound is dissected and reduced to minimal rhythms found on runways and in queer club spaces. If go-go is a dance form that often objectifies the body into a spectacle to be gazed at by the voyeur, in the fictive HQ the pose of the body is changed into an ambient form; less spectacle, more part of the furniture. Warwick and Romero deliberately inhabit this ecology with bodies and sound as a temporal sculpture, referencing contemporary feelings of isolation to question agency in an age of unsettling populism.

Eine Performance für drei Tänzer und einen Musiker. In dieser kollaborativen Arbeit von Steven Warwick and Carlos María Romero werden Körper und Klang zu einer zeitlichen Skulptur. In Bezug auf gegenwärtige Gefühle der Isolierung wird die Handlungsfähigkeit in einer Ära des beängstigenden Populismus thematisiert.
Foto: Pedro Anguila
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