Armen Avanessian & Enemies #26: Epic Fail. An Anti Newsroom @ Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin [19. Mai]

Armen Avanessian & Enemies #26: Epic Fail. An Anti Newsroom

20:00 - 22:00

Volksbühne Berlin
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Armen Avanessian & Enemies #26:
Epic Fail. An Anti Newsroom with Laurent de Sutter
Roter Salon, Discourse, in English, 8 / 6 €, doors open 20:00
The endless bavardage of columnists, experts and editors, in either journals, radios or television broadcasts, have rendered the contemporary impossible to understand. In order to reverse this trend, we need to rethink not only our predicament, but the very tools we use in order to try and understand it. We have been rendered stupid with principles, values, beliefs, things to be done and things certainly not to be done, prohibitions and permissions, scandals and judgments. It is this whole apparatus that it is time to get rid of. How to? For instance, by making the ...hypothesis that the present always allows for something different to be said – every event, case, dossier, debate, question, stake or problem is there waiting for someone to take them seriously, rather than applying to them some preconceived moral or political agenda. This is what is going to happen tonight. Randomly selected items out of the political, intellectual or aesthetical news, treated as they would deserve to be treated: experimentally, with no borders and no consideration for seriousness or gravity. To the epic fail of contemporary moral sociology, politology or journalism, we need to reply with the acceptance of the epic fail of thought to deal with anything – if one doesn’t accept one’s own, predictable, failure. Douchebags and stiffed necs not welcome.
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