Killekill's Ghetto House Special @ Griessmuehle, Neukölln [vom 27. bis 28. April]

Killekill's Ghetto House Special

27. - 28.
22:00 - 22:00

Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
ghetto floor:
Fiedel (Ostgut Ton)
Cork Bangers (killekill)
Andrew Soul (killekill house trax)
Purita D (killekill)
* voguing dance special by V E R V LONDON

background. codes techno floor:
Reflec (clergy / lobster theremin)
Karschau b2b Agonie (background. codes / colours)
Nostitz b2b ALF (background. codes)
nuúm (minds øn edge)

from 10:00 am Colours Afterhour. More info to follow.

The raw jacking sexiness of Ghetto House has always played a big role in the Killekill universe and for this edition we gathered some of the most talented Ghetto DJs around. Amongst them is no less than Fiedel, known as a living legend, a connaisseur of various styles and genres, exquisite music taste and excellent DJ skills. For us he will play a rare Ghetto House set.
Next to our residents Purita D and Cork Bangers we also have Andrew Soul, who is about to release on Killekill House Trax in the next weeks. Stay tuned!
The super surprise for our night will be a VOGUING team from VERV LONDON, who will bring the extra sexiness and some wicked dance moves with them to make this an extra hot night!
For the Silo Floor we are happy to announce the young and wild crew from BACKGROUND. CODES, who will take that floor over with their fearless techno.

Scream and Shout, work it out!

Making your booty bounce is the mission that Ghetto House is on. Starting in the mid 80s in Chicago with legendary labels like TRAX Records & Dance Mania Ghetto house is still fuxxing hot today. The raw and simple productions reflect the everyday life of people like DJ Deeon, DJ Traxman, DJ Funk, Slugo, Paul Johnson and other legendary producers from that time. With little money they bought some basic machines and turned it into gold. „Simple, but funky!“ says DJ Deeon. He still records his tracks with an old 4 channel tape recorder: „One for the Kick drum, one for the snare, one for the hihat and one for my vocals.“ The sound of the 808 drummachine plus some dirty vocals coming straight from the underground Chicago scene and some extra funkiness magic is all what it takes to make a bouncing Ghetto House track. „I need 2 minutes to produce a beat“ according to DJ Deeon.
The fairytale of this genre teaches us that you can make gold out of -almost- nothing, if you got the vibe. WORD.

— artwork by Jakub Kanior (the best!)
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