Osho Divine Healing Exercises Workshop @ Osho Studio, Berlin [vom 7. bis 13. Mai]

Osho Divine Healing Exercises Workshop

7. - 13.
09:00 - 11:00

Osho Studio
Schlesische Str 38, 10997 Berlin
Osho Divine Healing Exercises Workshop with Gopal and Jahan
7-13 May
9 to 11 a.m. — 2 hours daily
100 euro earlybird (until 25 april)
120 normal price

Osho Divine Healing Exercises
They are breathing movements, it means, in connection with the breath.
The Divine Healing exercises have been inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese meditation techniques to nourish the «KI» (the vital energy flowing in our body), known as Qi-Gong in China and Shin-Tai-Do in Japan, and have been adapted to the needs and the reality of modern man by Prashantam. These exercises are excellent for health, body flexibility and strengthen the immune system as they harmonize the flow of «KI» along the meridians and the corresponding organs.
In order to achieve good results, consider these exercises as «breathing movements», in which you relax in the action and focus on the breath.
Working on the awareness of body and breath.
Anyone can practice exercises with immediate benefits because they are fun, easy, and extremely effective.

Major Benefits:
• Recovering contact with your own body
• Recognizing and releasing daily tensions
• Energy Balancing and Muscle Rehabilitation
• Increasing and harmonizing the breath, local blood circulation and leading oxygen and nourishment to the cells
• They make a decisive action on the body's flexibility (spine and joints)
• They help to reconnect the body to find a right posture and balance.

The Divine Healing exercises are part of the activity and teachings of the «Osho Divine Healing Arts – O.D.H.A.» training

2 hours daily in which we develop the exercises in a progression of movements, so that everyone will be able to memorize and practice them in their own space.

The workshop will be conducted by Gopal and Jahan, both graduated at O.D.H.A. School of Prashantam

Leads groups self-growing and meditation groups in Russia and Europe
Jahan lives in Krasnodar, Russia, has a medicine education and worked as Shiatsu operator for more than 10 years.
Introduced Osho Divine Healing in Osho Festival in Russia.

Graduated in Shiatsu, Divine Healing and Meditation at the Osho Divine Healing Arts (O.D.H.A.) School, with Prashantam in Portugal.
He is also a musician, experimenting and combining the Three Keys, Sound, Breathing, and Movement with healing meditation tecniques.

The workshop will be held in English with possibility of German translation.
Open to all genders, individuals and couples with limited or no previous meditation experience.Register early!

infoline and booking:
[email protected]
or [email protected]
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