Poutsplaf Experience at Loophole Berlin @ Loophole Berlin, Berlin [19. März]

Poutsplaf Experience at Loophole Berlin

19:30 - 01:00

Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin
Poutsplaf Experience is a photography event conducted by the Brazilian photographer Gustavo Razzera and it's been done in Brazil since 2012.

In this edition, LoopHole Berlin will receive us for a night to free your minds and bodies — and maybe to put your clothes out.

Mixing photography, performances, music and video, our idea is to bring to Berlin the best ambient to enjoy an awesome Monday and have some pics to remember it later :-)

Since our idea is to bring together all the most amazing, MARAVILHOSAS and crazy people, we will have also:

__small talk__

«How to hurt the ones you like» — tips for bdsm beginners with Ada Byron


Linguinha danada


Autømata (noise)
Mattias Larsen (noise)
Ffuny Ffrends (triphopgroove)
Data Luminescence (visuals)


Kimona 27


— where: LoopHole Berlin (boddinstraße 60)
— when: 19/march
— what time: 19:30 — performances starts 20:30
— how much: donation base 5€+
— dress code: You can come dressing the clothes you want, like REALLY! If you want to put your best look, cosplay, pajamas, or nothing… you can! :-)


The Poutsplaf Experience developed as an event with roots in the happenings of the 1960's. It's a unique, single or group improvised nude (or freely dressed) performance mediated by the camera— and it all begins with someone willing to be photographed, for no special reason.
The pictures are taken on site, without any special production, and everything is done while the party is going on—in the dance floor, at the bar, under the tables and so on. Bathrooms and other small, more private spaces can be used if someone doesn't feel like getting naked in front of everybody.

In any case, anyone* that feels like getting naked (or just showing some skin) and wants to start shooting, is welcome!

Not everybody is required to show skin or to be photographed. If people just want to enjoy the event and see how a nude shooting is done (it is not a very orthodox kind of shooting, but...), they are welcome too.

:: We will have an awareness team all the night at the event ::

If they spot someone disrespecting, annoying or touching someone—anything wrong or without consent—this person will be putted out of the event!

If you don't feel comfortable, please, tell anyone of our awareness team (we will orient everyone at the entrance how to find us) and we will help you!!!

And is always good to remember: racism, homo/transphobia or any type of bullshit, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

* 18+ and IDs are checked
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