Radio Mucosa Vol.1 @ Loophole Berlin, Berlin [22. März]

Radio Mucosa Vol.1

20:30 - 01:00

Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin
Unleash your nasal mucus, for here is

With live performances from

USTED croons and plays his canarian timple on top of an electronic landscape of fat beats and crispy synths. An extravagant live solo act that has been considered “the only tribute band to himself in existance”, particularly those times he shows up escorted by his multifunctional-cotton-stuffed alter ego.

Scar Polish
Scar Polish, the musical moniker of Robin Fisher lies somewhere between low-fi indie rock, downtempo electronica and ethereal noise music, while somehow not truly belonging to any of them. Fisher´s multi-instrumental performance is all at one playful, beautiful and unnerving.

Alois “Tubby” Baumbach.
Alois “Tubby” Baumbach is 14 years old. He loves ice cream and has a girlfriend, he has had many girlfriends, some weren’t pretty but they all had big breasts, like cow udders. He will tell you some deep thoughts about stuff he’s realized, like Clint Eastwood’s real name, or the truth behind Real Estate Fraud, he’ll tell you. Also, he’ll share confusing and disgusting anecdotes he will never do again and give you boy scout cookies. Also, he might have some I ❤ Tubby stickers for sale.

DJ set by Pira Lemu
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