Japanese Food & Japanese 80's Music (city pop,disco,enka etc) @ arkaoda Berlin, Berlin [vom 14. bis 15. März]

Japanese Food & Japanese 80's Music (city pop,disco,enka etc)

14. - 15.
18:00 - 14:00

arkaoda Berlin
Karl-Marx Platz 16, 12043 Berlin
a Night of Japanese Music is Back at a new location with Japanese food!

DJ ONONiiONIONIION, Mobile Izakaya Berlin and Arkaoda presents
Japanese Food and Japanese 80's music!!!

after the huge complain by the residents at Oblomov, I had a good opportunity at Istanbul based new berlin venue Arkaoda!

You can drink and eat the most delicious pop up Japanese Tapas, Mobile Izakaya! Also you can digest at the same place with Japanese 80's music!

Of course there will be the Japanese Vinyl Pop Up shop. There will be a turntable and earphone,so you can listen to it there and take them home with you if you like!


entry: 1 euro extra on your 1st drink

aka Taishi Nagasaka, is a Berlin based Japanese musician,Japanese Record dealer. He has been through world music, experimental music, rock. He plays the bass in Fat White Family (UK), and in Berlin he has 2 of his own bands, Cozmik Onion Express (Experimental Drum Trigger) and Jaguar No Me (Japanese Psych Pop & Dance Music for old people). He has collaborated/played with John Cale (Velvet Underground), Iggor Cavalera (sepultura), Bo Ningen, Flamingods, Group A, Camera, Sclupture, Hibiki Ichikawa (as Iwazu Mo Gana) and others.

An izakaya (居酒屋) is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking.
We would like to introduce this nice, and yet important culture/custom of Japan to Berlin, by serving some classical ''Izakaya'' dishes (some non-classical, creative dishes as well).


*For this event, nor really Izakaya style will be going, might be named Mobile Ramen which are gonna be limited portions as you guess.

↓Menu of the night↓

«Onomichi Ramen»
~ Ramen noodles in triple broth of 'Konbu' seaweed, dried sardine 'Iriko', chicken bone 'Torigara' based soy sauce finished soup, Simmered sliced pork shoulder 'Chashu' and marinated bamboo shoots 'Menma' and chopped spring onion and dried sea weed 'Nori' on top.
*Originally pretty close to «Chuka Soba» which is one of the element of ramen culture inland sea 'Setouchi' in west Japan.

«Veggie Tantanmen» vg*
~ Ramen noodles not in soup, dressed with white sesame paste and grated black sesame and Chinese pepper and homemade Chili oil, served with boiled vegetables.
*Originally derived from Chinese street food, and evolved in Hiroshima Japan.

«Chicken Sixty-Five»
~ Marinated chunks of chicken thigh deep fried and dressed with Indian style's spicy sauce.

«Edamame» vg*
~ boiled soy beans seasoned with Himalayan rock salt.

*Some of menu might vary depending on availability at market and supplier, and fishmonger.
※ 仕入れの状況により内容に多少の変更の可能性があります。
*We won't be able to take reservations at the night, there will be around 50 seats for dining by the way.
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