Takt talk by Amanda Selinder and Frank Mauceri @ Takt Artist Residency Berlin, Berlin [20. Februar]

Takt talk by Amanda Selinder and Frank Mauceri

20:00 - 22:00

Takt Artist Residency Berlin
Neue Hochstrasse 8, 13347 Berlin
Takt Academy is happy to present

Amanda Selinder (Sweden)
Frank Mauceri (U.S.)

Amanda Selinder

”With the point of departure in natural dyeing, I examine various types of fermentation processes, cultures of microorganism and the manner in which my body affects and participates with them, over time. What drives my work forward is a fascination and curiosity for the non-human bodies that the human bodies live in symbiosis with. How do we communicate with the creatures that form such a crucial part of us?
In my performances I’m questioning if our body really ends at the skin. Is my body just an extension of the bacterial culture? What happens if we change our perspective into a post-humanistic point of view where the boundaries between nature/culture, mind/body, human/animal fusions together? What happens if we stop thinking the world circulates around the human species and confesses the essential of other body’s existence?

In my artistic research it’s important to get to know the materials that I’m working with. It’s important to spend time with them and trying to understand how they are changing over time and why. How do they smell, taste and feel like? There are so many living processes going on everywhere in and around me; but I can’t see them because of the limitations of my senses. To grow large-scale bacterial cultures and starting large-scale fermentation vats therefore feels vital for understanding the power of other bodies. A lot of my work is about to visualizing what we normally don’t see or think about but is crucial for the human existence. Getting to know these living processes has been significant when it comes to questioning my own bias of what it really means to live as a human being on earth today”

Frank Mauceri
— An Artist Composes, The Computer Draws

Frank Mauceri, talks about his work with computer generated drawing and animation. Frank is
a teacher, composer, and artist from southern Maine, in the United States. His computergenerated
line drawings and animations result from designed, generative systems. His graphics
work reflects his background in music. He will discuss recent work and its relationship to sound,
sound synthesis and experimental composition.
“I work to create processes, leaving traces I don’t yet recognize. Beyond their mere existence,
these traces invite me – and, I hope, others – to discover and invent the sense or meaning they
have, in the context of the processes that left them. I depend on surprise and disorientation,
both in the course of making work and in my encounters with the finished results. I use the
computer as a tool for stipulating procedures and constructing systems. I am drawn to systems
that organize materials at every scale – where the logics of local actions accumulate to form
large scale structure. Rather than make the patterns I want, patterns emerge from the systems I
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