Sneaky Snake festival ⊙ day 1 @ cassiopeia Berlin, Berlin-Friedrichshain [1. Juni]

Sneaky Snake festival ⊙ day 1

19:00 - 23:59

cassiopeia Berlin
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
Sneaky Snake festival ⊙ day 1
friday 1.6. at cassiopeia Berlin
⊙ RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON — experimental psych ⏐ Eindhoven
⊙ FATHER SKY MOTHER EARTH — drone doom ⏐ Hamburg

Sneaky Snake festival ⊙ day 2
saturday 2.6. at Urban Spree
⊙ ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE — impro space kraut ⏐ DEN/SWE
⊙ BLACK MOON CIRCLE — acid rock jams ⏐ Trondheim
⊙ MOUNTAIN DUST — stoner soul ⏐ Montreal

both venues have a nice beergarden and are located on the RAW area
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

12€ / one night
20€ / both nights
no presale

RMFTM from Eindhoven are an instrumental rock band who's approach on the psychedelic rock scene is rather broad. By taking different genres into account such as shoegaze, neo-psych, kraut, space, noise and industrial, they take off in an interstellar exploration of new sounds.
— latest release:
«Subversive III: De Spelende Mens» — December 1, 2017
Influenced by the ground-breaking sonic industrialism of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Coil, as well the transcendent kinetic rhythms of Neu!, Faust and Amon Duul II, 'Subversive III: De Spelende Mens' see's their industrial art-punk take on its most incessant, angular and free-flowing form in a frenzy of metallic drones, thunderous feedback stabs of synths and throbbing, repetitive krautrock rhythms that at times border on techno territory.
With the Subversive series, RMFTM have sought to deconstruct and rebuild their creative process, pushing themselves to the limit with each and every release and 'Spelende De Mens', translated as 'The playing man', is the perfect way to conclude the series.

FSME is a meditational epic minimalist drone doom duo from Hamburg.
— latest release:
«Across the River of Time» — April 2, 2017
The next phase of Father Sky Mother Earth has begun. With the introduction of our first picture theme, we also gave music a new image; A more vivid and colourful one than on the debut album.
The soundscape is natural but gives the listener a hard and unsettling embrace of psychedelic heart-hitting drones. Its nuances resonate in the mountain scenery that holds us as their residents. These sheep – as a metaphor to this – live here from generations on and try to survive in a stone-cold exile.
We are all waiting for The Return of Alhazred to weigh our souls. When we meet face-to-face stories will be told as we're floating Across the River of Time.
If we look back have you been happy with your life, did you live? Did you reach the final state of consciousness and went beyond? Are you ready to let yourself go and be an echo to this world?

ØSC is an ever changing music collective from Denmark and Sweden that play totally on the spot improvised deep trip space rock music. They have released 25 (!!!) records since 2006. Music for your mind to escape the Matrix.
— latest release:
«Chatoyant Breath» — May 16, 2018
"ØSC had been at the Black Tornado recording back in November but our friend Gary (Yawning Man) was in town and wanted to jam. It had been a long time since the main touring band of ØSC (Nick, Jiri, Mogens, myself) had been in the studio. We grabbed Martin, who plays with Nick, Jiri and Mogens in the Univerzals as well as with Jiri in his band, Fri Galaxe to play drums. He had played quite a few gigs with us in Denmark the last years. Nicklas from Papir, was a great choice to play with Gary as both are fans of each other and we love to play with Nicklas. We had a cool band.
This session was pretty fast, all done in one day and just 5 jams recorded. The vinyl is an edited version of the jams, while the CD features extended versions of the tracks so you can hear more or less the entire course of the musical journey. The music on these sections is more spaced out, relaxed and exploratory as it flows and weaves and grows tentacles to tickle and scratch your inner thoughts. Enjoy the sensations." — Dr. Space, 2018

BMC from Trondheim is dedicated to dark psychedelic space rock, driven by a disposition towards prolonged jams.
— latest release:
«Flowing into the 3rd Dimension» — August 25, 2017

Mountain Dust’s set was a blast of cymbal crashing, headbanging hard rock laced with doom metal and a sensible dosage of psychedelic pretensions. The songs weren’t excuses for aimless guitar wankfests, but slithering heavy jams (the bass player laid hypnotic grooves on his Rickenbacker) that turned in on themselves like a snake eating its tail. Organ à la Deep Purple gave the music a gothic nuance, but the big surprise was lap steel guitar fed through an effects rack.
The band reinvented their blues-metal sound — a genre now as outmoded as bell-bottoms and songs about scoring with underage groupies — with well-crafted riffs that make you forget it’s all the same 4/4 rhythm you’ve heard a million times. They had masterful dynamics and pauses: the music breathed, but it breathed like Godzilla. For four thrashers who look like head shop regulars, Mountain Dust didn’t play a bum note all night.

⊙ smash racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia, nationalism, fascism, drugism, religionism, lookism, borders (on the maps & in the minds), genres, scenes, image, trend, hype & any other brainwashit ⊙
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