URBAN [tiny] TALKS - Tiny houses for affordable housing crisis? @ aVOID, Berlin [20. Februar]

URBAN [tiny] TALKS - Tiny houses for affordable housing crisis?

18:30 - 20:00

Klingelhöferstraße 14, 10785 Berlin
Can tiny houses help solve the affordable housing crisis?

Urban residents have long looked to space reductions as a way to save on housing costs in tense real estate markets. The innovations that they came up with have inspired the tiny house movement and the reaction against constantly increasing per capita floor space levels. In this talk, Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse will examine not only the reduction of floor space and clever spatial multi-uses but also serialization and modularization as ways to keep housing costs down and create new affordable housing, in particular in new construction. She will also discuss the possibilities that tiny house research presents for different household types, in particular families with children and multi-generational households.
Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse (Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh) is a Berlin-based urban researcher, consultant, and author with a concentration on integrated post-industrial urban development, specifically: culture and creative industries, real estate market dynamics, intermediate and adaptive reuse of vacant buildings, bottom-up urban development, and urban commons. She has also published widely about the political, symbolic, and normative aspects of architecture and urban planning. You can read more about her work at her website, urban-policy.com.

URBAN [tiny] TALKS is a series of speeches and discussions with the protagonists of the on-going urban revolution in Berlin. The city, starting with the falling of the wall in 1989, has become the symbol of civic mindfulness, urban activism and participatory design processes.

«What projects are you involved in and how are you personally contributing to the developing process of the city?»; «Where does your inspiration come from and how are you inspiring others?»; «What is your vision of the city in twenty years?». During a relaxing aperitivo time, Leonardo Di Chiara will invite guests from the Berlin scene to answer these questions. Location of the talks is aVOID tiny house at Bauhaus Campus Berlin (klingelhöferstraße 14). In front of a [tiny] audience of 15 people and a broader public watching the event via live streaming from their comfortable sofa, the speakers will let us into their personal story as urban activists. They will tell us more about their current involvement in shaping the Berlin of the future. At the end of the talk will follow a short discussion panel where the audience is invited to participate.

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By Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh, about affordable housing emergencies in Berlin looking at the Tinyhouse Movement as possible solution.

> Info
URBAN [tiny] TALKS is curated by Leonardo Di Chiara as part of his field research as winner of the “Premio Berlino 2017”, a prestigious prize awarded by Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBACT) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) in conjunction with Italian Institute of Culture Berlin and ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory. The series of talks are held inside aVOID tiny house, a mobile living unit designed by Leonardo Di Chiara and exhibited at Bauhaus Campus, an experimental village inside the garden of Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum of Design in Berlin. The programme is carried on in collaboration with Tinyhouse University e.V., Bauhaus Campus Berlin and Italian Institute of Culture Berlin. All the talks will be in english.

> How to participate
If you want to participate in the audience inside aVOID tiny house, please reserve a seat by sending an e-mail to [email protected] together with your name/surname. You will receive an e-mail as a confirmation of your reserved seat as soon as the parterre (15 seats) is fully booked. If for any reason you can no longer attend the talk, please cancel your reservation by e-mail or invite someone to take your place. It is also possible to follow every episode of URBAN [tiny] TALKS by watching the live stream on aVOID Facebook page at the following link: facebook.com/avoid-tiny-house/. Videos of all the talks will be available in the future on the same link if you can not watch the live stream.

> Get involved!
If you think your story, or the story of some of your friends, needs to be part of URBAN [tiny] TALKS too, please get in contact with Leonardo sending an e-mail to [email protected] If the topic fits the programme, it will be an honour to host you as a speaker.

>>> The event is in english, free of charge, reserve your seat <<<

>>> I will ask to take off your shoes to get into the tiny house. So bring double pair of socks. It could be a little cold. <<<

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