HEADZ UP XCII | Love Machine & Zen Bison @ Jägerklause Berlin, Berlin [2. März]

HEADZ UP XCII | Love Machine & Zen Bison

20:00 - 04:00

Jägerklause Berlin
Grünberger Str.1, 10243 Berlin
2001: A LOVE ODYSSEY. Let's take off our clothes, open our hearts and join the cosmic Love Machine for a magical and sweaty, intense, wild and colourful carpet ride into the core of the ultimate freak-out! Together with them heavy space krautboys in ZEN BISON and DJ Moon (Have Blue), Jägerklause Berlin will arise to a temple of unforgotten sins. Explode your spirit and your lust for love with:

➤ LOVE MACHINE | Düsseldorf / Cologne, DE

Cosmic 60s West Coast Americana Acid Psych Kraut Time Travellers
UNIQUE RECORDS | lovemachinegermany.com
lovemachinegermany.bandcamp.com | fb.com/lovemachinegermany

➤ ZEN BISON | Rostock, DE

Heavy Psychedelic Blues Jam Space Krautboys
zenbison.bandcamp.com | fb.com/zenbisonband

➤ Aftershow with DJ Moon | Berlin, DE

60s & 70s Heavy Psych, Cosmic Blues & Hard Rock
Man Out of Nowhere | Have Blue | Only Vinyl Set

Fri, 02.03.2018
Jägerklause Berlin
Doors 19.00h | Show 20.00h

No presale | Entry 12€

Presented by:

HEADZ UP — fb.com/headzupshows
SSC Booking — ssc-group.net
Unique Records — unique-rec.com
Jägerklause Berlin — jaegerklause-berlin.de

— Band descriptions:

➤ LOVE MACHINE | Düsseldorf / Cologne, DE

TIMES TO COME. It‘s all about energy, groove, repetition and minimalism. Doing nothing but the right thing at the right time. It‘s about the depths of the universe and of the human soul. It‘s about digging deep in traditions while creating a new utopian cosmos on its own. It‘s about idolizing the sound of America‘s West Coast while being some weird Krautrock slacker. It's about getting obsessed with hitting the road and stages to perform the own vision of what Rock'n'Roll ought to be these days. In the end, it is about a Love Machine, which exactly knows what it wants. It is you to go nuts! You won‘t have any choice…

For the last three years the mighty Love Machine has been on the road non-stop playing club and festival shows in Germany. Highly intense, wild, colourful and sometimes unpredictable performances — blending Americana, 60s Acid Psych and Krautrock — established themself as one of the country‘s most ambitious and exciting underground acts. They played Germany‘s biggest Psych and Hippie Festival Burg Herzberg Festival for third time in a row this year and shared stages with Acid Mothers Temple, The Sonic Dawn, Kikagaku Mojo and The Flying Eyes. First experiences abroad were made in France, Denmark, Poland and UK and are meant to be expanded soon for accomplishing their mission of bringing back love to Europe and the rest of the world. With playing Open Source Festival‘s main stage and being nominated for Pop NRW Award 2017, the band even took first steps being more than just an insider tip. Their latest, in 2016 released album 'Circles' happened to be one of the biggest insider tips in Germany. Klaus Fiehe of 1LIVE — the German John Peel — called the album ‚‚the craziest shit‘‘ and one of his favourite LPs of the year. The upcoming LP 'Times to Come' promises to be another gem capturing the band‘s explosive spirit and their sheer inexhaustible lust for love and dual guitar love odysseys. Sitting enthroned above all it is vocalist and percussionist Marcel Rösche, who will free you from your last believe in sanity and reason. Being a preacher, a shaman, a maniac and an exhibitionist, this cat will take you on a trip you can‘t escape from.

Let's welcome back one of the rarest and most moustachized rhythm groups around these days for the 4th time to our series. Let's open our hearts, take off our clothes and join the mighty Love Machine for a magical and sweaty carpet ride into the core of the ultimate freak-out!

FFO: The Doors, Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Santana, The Flying Eyes, The Sonic Dawn

➤ ZEN BISON | Rostock, DE

BLOW MY MIND. With last year having brought insane sweat'n'heat onto the side stages at Berlin Swamp Fest and E-lite Culture Festival, these young'n'furry fellows currently conquer the local area in and around Berlin. With energetic, fuzzy live shows throwing you right back to the end 60s, Zen Bison perfectly blend back-from-the-days Blues Jams, Heavy Psych and Hard Rock as well as are able to serve some brilliant Psychedelic Stoner and Space Rock à la carte ('Krautrocker'). Plus on their live sets you can surely expect some heavy covers as 'Going Down' (by Freddie King), 'I Don't Know' (by May Blitz) or 'One Way or Another' (by Cactus). We thought, it's time to invite the mighty Bison to our series and to the boards of the world at Jägerklause Berlin. Just for… going down!

FFO: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, MC5, Hawkwind, KADAVAR, Heat, Have Blue
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