Savour The Moment /w. DJ Assault, DJ Central, DJ Sports & more @ Salon - Zur wilden Renate, Berlin [vom 24. bis 25. Februar]

Savour The Moment /w. DJ Assault, DJ Central, DJ Sports & more

24. - 25.
23:55 - 12:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate
Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin



~ DJ Assault /// Jefferson Ave, Detroit
~ Central /// Regelbau, Help Recordings
~ DJ Sports /// Regelbau, Help Recordings
~ Solid Blake /// Apeiron Crew, Copenhagen
~ Ghost Culture /// Phantasy Sound, London
~ Marlon Hoffstadt /// Midnight Themes, Ransom Note Records
~ Lokier /// Squirrels On Film, Mexico
~ Uta /// Rec Room, Berlin
~ Luigi Di Venere /// Cocktail D'Amore, Radio Cómeme
~ Natureboy Gold /// Common Narrative, Cashmere Radio
~ Philipp Schultheis /// Smile For A While, FFM


After the successes of “Retrograde” and “Marlon Hoffstadt Invites” party lines. The Berlin resident Marlon Hoffstadt introduces “Savour the Moment”. A new club night at Wilde Renate.

The Ethos is on awareness: the classic «clubbing experience» for Berlin once the norm, now somewhat lost to us.

Far too often the average clubber is more occupied with his phone than with the real-time experience unfolding before him, missing wonderful moments of a club night. “Savour the Moment' is a safe-space for people who do not Shazam, or want to share an Instagram story, or don’t even know they can live without it. Leave your dumbphones for a night at home, and if you do not wish to part with your best/worst cyborg piece of you, at least switch it to flight mode.

Face the challenge and enjoy the moment.


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