Magical History Tour: Improvisation in Film @ Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Berlin [vom 1. bis 31. Januar]

Magical History Tour: Improvisation in Film

1. - 31.
20:00 - 21:30

Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.
Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin
«Improvisation is the highest form of concentration, of awareness, of intuitive knowledge, when the imagination begins to dismiss the pre-arranged, the contrived mental structures, and goes directly to the depths of the matter.»
Taking Jonas Mekas's quote from his «Notes on the New American Cinema» text as a starting point, we are dedicating this month's Magical History Tour to the different forms and manifestations of improvisation in film. Twelve examples that criss-cross film history testify to the massive scope for trying things out in rehearsals or in front of a running camera, to the programmatic opportunities to shape proceedings both by actors and for them, to breaking though boundaries and conventions, and last, but not least, to the exuberant joy of acting (together), experimentation and the unpredictable.

January 1, 8pm, January 8, 7.30pm & January 20, 8pm
EAST OF EDEN Elia Kazan USA 1955 OV/Germ.S 115'

January 2, 7.30pm & January 6, 8pm
ENTRE LES MURS The Class Laurent Cantet F 2009 OV/Germ.S 128'

January 3, 7.30pm & January 12, 7.30pm
DER RUF DER SIBYLLA – RELOADED Clemens Klopfenstein CH 1985 OV/Germ.S 113'

January 4, 7.30pm & January 18, 8pm, on piano: Eunice Martins
MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG People on Sunday Robert Siodmak, Rochus Gliese, Edgar G. Ulmer Germany 1930 74'

January 5, 8pm & January 10, 7.30pm
OPENING NIGHT John Cassavetes USA 1977 OV/Germ.S 144'

January 7, 7pm & January 16, 7.30pm
DER VERLORENE Peter Lorre West Germany 1951 OV 98'

January 9, 8pm & January 30, 8pm
NORMAL LOVE Jack Smith USA 1963 OV 105'

January 13, 8pm & January 19, 7.30pm
KONZERT IM FREIEN Jürgen Böttcher Germany 2001 OV/Engl.S 88'

January 14, 7.30pm & January 23, 7.30pm
… UND DEINE LIEBE AUCH And Your Love Too Frank Vogel East Germany 1962 92'

January 21, 7.30pm & January 26, 8pm
UNTER DEM PFLASTER IST DER STRAND Under the Pavement Lies the Strand Helma Sanders-Brahms West Germany 1975 103'

January 25, 7.30pm & January 29, 9pm
WARUM LÄUFT HERR R. AMOK? Michael Fengler, R.W. Fassbinder West Germany 1969 88'

January 28, 7.30pm & January 31, 7.30pm
NASHVILLE Robert Altman USA 1974 OV 151'

You can find the full programme including film descriptions here:
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