Awaken the Voice ∞ Authentic Voice & Therapeutic Singing Circle @ Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park, Berlin [19. Januar]

Awaken the Voice ∞ Authentic Voice & Therapeutic Singing Circle

19:30 - 22:30

Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park
Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin
I am now inviting you to my “Authentic Voice Workshop” which is a therapeutic workshop for who ever wants to explore, develop & liberate his/her own Voice.
In a creative and intuitive way, we will practice fun and practical exercises in group dynamic or individually in order to develop confidence and connection with your own voice.
I will also teach you the basics of Mongolian Throat Singing as I have learned it. Also, to clear out and to clean the Throat Chakra.

“Awaken the Voice” will be an evening of discovering your own sounds & healing power.
You have so many treasures & gifts within you. And Your Voice is one of them. Explore it! Use it! Time has come. This is Your Voice and no one can take it away from you!

I advice you to bring some tissues as it might occur that you will spit a lot during the workshop as discovering your voice might not always be a gentle process and cleansing of the Throat Chakra might reveal as well old blockages that needs to be cleared.
We will have little breaks with warm herbal tea & healthy snacks to rest a bit.
At the end of the workshop, in a fun & creative way, we will have a voice jam and intuitive group chanting to practice what has been learned throughout the evening.
I am so looking forward to meeting you and to sharing this beautiful evening of discovering our Healing Power through Sounds.


A few words……

“Being born with a cleft palate and after years of suppression, stuttering, self doubts, lack of confidence, difficulties and troubles in expressing myself. I have at some point of my Journey develop my own style of Mongolian Throat Singing and other techniques of chanting that I have learned on my own. My weakest side actually became my strength as I develop confidence about my voice in a daily basis and also started to use my chanting & singing during meditations, sound journeys and Sacred Cacao rituals.”


Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin.
19h30 — 22h30

REGULAR: 20eur

Space is limited *** sunmoonalchemy108(at) ***


Facilitated by Simon Debonnaire

***Simon Debonnaire works with rhythm, sound, music and meditation. He believes that sounds have the ability and power to extend the boundaries and limits of the Mind. With a holistic, meditative and sacred approach, in goodwill intention, it opens the Heart to a compassionate, more sensitive and grounded aspects of ourselves. It allows us to journey at the inter-dimensional and cellular level so that we all have the natural ability to heal ourselves giving us access to the universal memory code that we all carry within.
Sound were present from the very beginning of time and space so hold very ancient teachings. Beyond words and intellect, it s a way of communication, spreading and expanding the energy. Simon holds sacred cacao ceremonies in London, Kho Phangan (Thailand), Berlin, at European festivals and holistic gatherings. He also holds sound journeys, meditation workshops and co-create & co-facilitate Conscious wellness Festivals & holistic workshops***

About Simon`s work:
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