Wir Brauchen Women Vjs // Vj Women Wanted ! – Ed II / Part 3 @ Spektrum - art science community, Berlin [21. März]

Wir Brauchen Women Vjs // Vj Women Wanted ! – Ed II / Part 3

18:00 - 22:00

Spektrum - art science community
Bürknerstr 12, 12047 Berlin
Wir Brauchen Women Vjs // Vj Women Wanted! – Edition II / Part 3

Level: Any
Costs: 40€ (4h / 1day)
Max number of participants: 20 people
Min number of participants: 10 people
Sign-up through this form goo.gl/forms/sxMojNl36qColw4C3
Contact: [email protected]
Language: English, mixed with German – on demand, with a bit of French.

After the success of the first edition which has already welcomed 40 women in 2017, we are back for the second edition!

This full VJ workshop, taught by A-li-ce, is an invitation to enter the live video field, giving you the theoretical and the technical tools to develop your own live visual project. Each session is divided into 3 parts: VJ theory, technical workflow and your visual project's development.

In the first part, we will explore VJ backgrounds and influences from visual arts to cinema and music, focusing then on some topics such as the loop pattern, the dramaturgy of the performance and the performing body on stage. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to a full learning session of Resolume Arena VJ software and the technical workflow. The third part is dedicated to improvisation and live trainings in order to develop your live set. Each participant will be then invited to create a 8-10 minutes VJ set and to play it live at VJ Open Lab in Spektrum.

The workshop is divided into 4 sessions, taking place between January — April 2018. We encourage you to join the 4 sessions in order to have the complete workflow to develop your project, but you can also join one session dedicated to a specific topic, depending your interest and your level.

PART 1 // VJ Theory & Resolume Arena Course Part 1 & 2: Tue 16 January — facebook.com/events/494064580973544/

PART 2 // VJ Theory & Resolume Arena Course Part 3 & 4: Wed 21 February — facebook.com/events/162978277637139/

PART 3 // Live playing tools & Live performing: Wed 21 March

Round table with feedbacks: VJ project 02
VJ interfaces: midicontrollers, midi & keyboard mapping
VJ Theory & Practice: Rythm, Dramaturgy & the VJ body on stage 01
VJ Improvisation session

PART 4 // Introduction to videomapping & Live performing: Wed 4 April — facebook.com/events/1979522428997459/

The live video community is quite active in Berlin but we still miss women on stage! We know you are here, producing visual content and learning on your own. We propose you a creative and technical workshop with 4 sessions to improve your skills and to develop your live video set in a collaborative professional workspace.

Any woman interested in visual arts and live video performing. No previous knowledge is needed but fresh new VJS are also invited to join to develop their projects and improving their skills.

Alice (FR / Berlin), works as a VJ and as a video artist since 2005. Graduated of art school and university (Master 2 in video art theory), she performs in many audiovisual festivals (Mapping Festival (CH), Mira (ES), RoBOt Festival (IT), etc.). She also works as a video designer for theatre and teaches live video tools for 6 years in many art and video institutions in Europe. She has started the VJ Women Workshop program in Spektrum in 2017, which leaded to the creation of the VJ Open Lab community in Spektrum. website: a-li-ce.com/

Your laptop (Mac or PC), a mouse (yes!!)
Installing the demo version of Resolume Arena and the free DXV codec on resolume.com
Quicktime must be installed on your laptop
If you use Adobe Premiere, After Effects and/or Final Cut Pro or any video / pictures Software, that's a good plus, but not a requirement
Your personality and your ideas!
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