Skalar - LIVE Performance - 20:00 @ Kraftwerk Berlin, Berlin [24. Februar]

Skalar - LIVE Performance - 20:00

20:00 - 21:00

Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin
Tickets SKALAR 2018 Berlin

Doors open | Einlass | 19:30
Concert starts | Beginn | 20:00

** ENG **
The LIVE performance is an extended and intensified version of the exhibition cycle. There will be performed 8 basic emotions as opposed to 4 in the daily show of the exhibition.

! The ticket is only valid for the visit of the above stated time and date.
! The ticket does not grant access to the «SKALAR Art Exhibition» nor one of the other «SKALAR Live Performances».
! There is a limited amount of tickets available at the box office.

** DE **
Die LIVE-Performance ist eine erweiterte und intensivierte Variante der SKALAR Ausstellung. Das LIVE Set thematisiert 8 Grundemotionen des Menschen. In der täglich geöffneten Ausstellung werden dahingegen nur 4 Emotionen gezeigt.

! Das Ticket ist nur für den Besuch des oben angegeben Termins gültig.
! Das Ticket gewährt keinen Einlass zu der «SKALAR Kunst Ausstellung» oder einem der anderen «SKALAR Live Performances».
! An der Abendkasse gibt es eine limitierte Anzahl an Tickets.


Reflections on Light and Sound
By Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray

In collaboration with CTM Festival 2018 and Kraftwerk Berlin

SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray will give an audio-visual narration of radiant light vector drawings and multi-dimensional sound inside the pitch-dark industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin. By combining a vast array of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, SKALAR reflects on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions.

With its titular Turmoil theme, CTM Festival 2018 sets the perfect environment to launch the artistic venture of SKALAR. In collaboration with the festival, SKALAR’s installation version will run daily from 27 January to 25 February 2018, supplemented by four exclusive SKALAR LIVE performances on the 4 and 24 February. Kraftwerk Berlin will house this massive light and sound sculpture within its cathedral-like industrial architecture, suspending the distractions of everyday life and fully immersing the audience into an otherworldly experience.

SKALAR is an intense journey through the cycle of basic human emotions. The full spectrum of emotional experiences is triggered by ever-changing tonalities in light, sound, and motion. Feelings of awe, surprise, exhilaration, anticipation, and of having one’s senses overwhelmed are created, explored, and repeated in cycles throughout the piece, providing a collective and yet highly individual emotional experience.

SKALAR is a central piece within light artist Christopher Bauder’s body of work, reflecting his deep fascination with light. Light and darkness as endless cycles of day and night define our perception of time and influence our emotions. In SKALAR, light is treated as a solid material that can be sculpted and shaped to architectural dimensions, evoking abstract emotional associations. Intertwined with musician and composer Kangding Ray’s tireless exploration of textures, rhythm, and sound design, the silence of darkness is filled with iridescent formations of spatial light and sound.

Measuring 45m in length, 20m in width, and 10m in height, the generative luminous structure encompasses a perfectly synchronous interplay of 65 motorized mirrors, 90 moving lights, and a multichannel sound system – elevating creative possibilities to a whole new level.

SKALAR is made possible by the technical expertise and generous support of three main partners. The art and design studio WHITEvoid manages the event’s production and provides custom software development, KINETIC LIGHTS offers its high-performance precision motor winch systems, and ROBE lighting provides the highest quality in moving light technology: ultra-sharp and homogeneous parallel light beams that can hit designated positions with repeated precision and perfect colour consistency across 90 devices. All technical partners are helping extend the limits for this groundbreaking, cross-media project.

The SKALAR exhibition and the SKALAR live performances stand as individual art pieces sharing a common setting.

The exhibition runs continuously with no specific beginning or end. It is arranged in a more meditative layout, encouraging the visitors to stay for an indefinite time, sit or lay down and drift as far away from everyday life and the outside world as possible.

The live performance is an extended and intensified version of the exhibition cycle. There will be performed 8 basic emotions as opposed to 4 in the daily show of the exhibition.
The concerts have a defined duration due to a dramaturgic development with alternating ambient and beat driven sections, paying tribute to the concert setting of a defined start and end point. The connection of beats and performative visuals play a more dominant role in the live setting. Everything is controlled, altered and arranged by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray in realtime on location. Eventually every live performance is slightly different.

Everyone should experience both faces of SKALAR — exhibition and live performance.

Christopher Bauder is an artist and designer working in the fields of light and installation art, media design and scenography. He focuses on the translation of bits and bytes into objects and environments, and vice versa. Space, object, sound, light and interaction are the key elements of his work. In 2004 he founded the multidisciplinary art and design studio WHITEvoid, which specializes in interactivity, media, interior architecture, and electronic engineering.
Christopher Bauder has brought his installations and performances to events and spaces around the world, including Centre Pompidou Paris, MUTEK Montreal, Fete des Lumieres Lyon, The National Museum of Fine Arts Taiwan and the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. He is best known for his city-wide light art installation “LICHTGRENZE”, created in 2014 together with his brother Marc, for the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

There are few musicians who manage to explore the convergence between techno and experimental as successfully as David Letellier. Known as Kangding Ray, he has been producing for almost a decade, releasing his music exclusively on Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. The aesthetic domains of these two labels epitomizes Kangding Ray’s complex sound: it’s an aesthetic that tests boundaries, evolving tirelessly in its exploration of texture, rhythm, and sound design. Letellier’s foundations in rock and musique concrete give his music a vitality and uniqueness that has won fans the world over, from discerning avantgarde electronica listeners, all the way to devoted clubbers.
Those who have been following Letellier since his debut album, 2006’s Stabil, will recognize not only his meticulous and constantly developing approach to sound design, but also the conceptual gravity behind his releases.


Produced by:
WHITEvoid | KRAFTWERK Berlin | CTM Festival

Supported by:

[email protected]
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