Bird's Soul | w/ El Mundo, Robin Kowalewsky @ Klunkerkranich, Berlin [15. Dezember]

Bird's Soul | w/ El Mundo, Robin Kowalewsky

16:00 - 02:00

Karl-Marx-Str. 66, 12053 Berlin
Bird's Soul X Capt. Book X Klunkerkranich

Bird´s Soul is a platform for talented musicians and artists of all kind of arts, who find their freedom in audio and visual art.

El Mundo (Underyourskin Records / Get Physical Music)

Karhua (BassBotanik / HH)

HARI Erhardt (Plötzlich Musik / BassBotanik)

Robin Kowalewsky STUFF (Plötzlich Musik / Live Painting / exhibition)

For the next edition of Bird´s Soul we will have El Mundo with his new live set with us.
For El Mundo, everything he does, needs to have a connection to his feelings. The reason why he makes music is because he loves the process of making music and to create a special vibe, which takes the audience on a journey.

Besides this we invited Robin Kowalewsky to do a exhibition and some live-painting. He is impressing with chracters of an other universe, which are placed as streetart all over the word.
When he started, he was influenced by the impulsive and multicultural vibe of the city and expressed his impressions in his art. His drawing style is highly influenced by aztec cultures, voodoo-esque creatures and african tribes.

Karhua is a music producer and DJ based in Hamburg, who got his roots in finland. He is co-founder of the „BassBotanik“-collective in Hamburg. His mission is to catch the vibe of the audience, to take them on a special journey. Slowly but diving and focused. His sets are phanomnal and create super great deep vibes.

HARI Erhardt is a producer, DJ and label-manager, who loves to feel the moment. Finding the right emotions for an event and creating unforgettable moments is his goal. He surprises the audience with a mixture of all kinds of music. Sometimes slow and groovy, sometimes straight forward techno.

Bringing people and artists of all kind together and let them have a good time is our ambition.
Presented by Capt. Book
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