CherrYO!kie Fairy Tales @ Südblock, Berlin [8. Dezember]

CherrYO!kie Fairy Tales

23:59 - 06:00

Admiralstr. 1-2, 10999 Berlin
Once upon a time there lived two magical creatures who rode a super powered rocked ship fashioned out of a gigantic microphone. Travelling the dimensions of space-time they brought so much joy and happiness to all the Cherry kingdoms. Whether you identify as a princess or a frog, a troll or a unicorn, Scout Wölfli and Colin Comfort have some mythically incredible fun in store for you at the next colourful addition of CherrYO!kie.

CherrYO!kie happens but 4 times a year and is a storybook karaoke dance party of epic proportions. See you all Friday December 8th for the Fairytales themed trip of the senses.

Doors open at Midnite!!! Don't turn into a pumpkin

Artwork by Rory Midhani
insta @rorymidhani
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