Boddinale 2018 Program _VI edition @ Urban Spree, Berlin-Friedrichshain [vom 15. bis 25. Februar]

Boddinale 2018 Program _VI edition

15. - 25.
18:00 - 23:00

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99 (corner Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.), 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, German
Sometimes it takes a Village. For the 6th edition of Boddinale we will make one at Urban Spree.

From 15th to 25th February 2018
from 18:00 to 23:00 every day _free enty

The Berlin community movie festival with 78 directors present.
3 screens spread out through the Urban Spree gallery space with more than 230 «seats».

After the screenings the village will stay on, open end, every night.

Keeping with our best traditions our lovely hosts have prepared a high voltage series of afterparties.

trailers, synopsis and links at

You are all welcome

Thursday 15th

Heaven on earth
short, 1´
by Mobtik

Liquid love
Short, 18´
by Liv Massei

Short, 15´
by Mobtik

Docu, 7´
by Dilara Akkoyun, Umay Özkan

Animation, 15´
By Daniella Koffler and Uli Seis

Pause 20:00-20:30

Pyrolator — 287-13
Music, 4´
By Kurt Dahlke

At the end of the world
Short 29´
by Dieu Hao Do

Das letzte abteil
Feature, 89´
By Andreas Schaap


Friday 16th

Docu, 50´
by Deepak Tolange

The bridge to nowhere
Docu, 25
by Christina Stark

The wheel
Short, 9´
By Daniela Lucato

In circles
Animation, 3´
By Lina Walde

Bumblechum — Disco Knicks
Music, 4´
by Jason Pritchard and Robert Wimpory

Pause 20:00-20:30

Frittenbude — Zukunft aus Champagner
Music, 3´
By Gloria Gammer

In a hole in my head
Short, 21´
by Teresa Riemann

There is nothing to fear
Short, 4´
By Michael Conzelmann

Berlin Kids 2
Docu, 70´


Saturday 17th

The noisy men
Docu, 15´
By Catherine RIcoul

Many thanks from Bila and Barbara
Docu, 5
By Barbara Rosenthal

Short, 14´
By Katharina Nesterowa

World wide woven bodies
Short, 16´
By Truls Krane Meby

Sticky biscuits — Even the cutest kittens
Music, 4´
by Marc Seestaedt and Naomi Fearn

Short, 10´
By Daniel Popat

pause 20:00-20:30

Dane joe´s — New Age
Music, 6´
By Turk Lees

At the end of the day
Short, 12´
By Mark Emblem

Raw Chicks.Berlin
Docu, 105´
By Beate Kunath


Sunday 18th

Docu, 104´
By Andreas Höhn

Win Win
Short, 6´
By Niina Walter

Music, 3´
By Frederic Leitzke

pause 20:00-20:30

Nebulake — Fuck you I´m vegan
Music, 4´
By Nebulake

Rubber duckery
Short, 7´
By Kati Thiemer

Feature, 71´
By Edwin Brienen

Monday 19th

Free seat
Music, 4´
by Ardalan Aram

Chasing houses
Docu, 60´
By Justin Time

Of huge and small
Docu, 25´
By Artem Funk

Savage Flower
Music, 4´
By Marta Figueredo

Cold call
Short, 3´
By Eduard Burza

pause 20:00-20:30

Spt — Chill the ***k Out
Musci, 4´
By Hetta Huhtamäki

Only one day in Berlin
Feature, 72´
By Malte Wirtz

Sacromonte — Rime
Music, 29´
By Ashley DuPree

Tuesday 20th

Das Zimmer
Short, 15´
By Samer Halabi Cabezón

Docu, 32´
By Felix and Julian Moser

Charakter des Hauses
Docu, 15
By Lysette Laffin

Queen Alaska — Under my skin
Music, 4´
By Victor Coridaß


Mid-Festival Ritual by Viviana Druga
Rebirth #18

Laisse le vent emporter tout
Feature, 85´
by Sandra Bourdonnec

Hanna & die keta-boys
Short Porn, 16´
By Theo Meow

Short Porn,7´
By *spiralena*

Skin Hunger
Short, 7´
By Mischa Badasyan

Wednesday 21st

Docu, 60´
By Felipe Frozza and Uli Decker

The Dijon Story
Short, 10´
by Mikko Myllylahti

SIde Quest
Short, 10´
by Ludwig Maertins

Keine Ausgesprochenen Worte
Docu, 12´
by Jens Kraushaar and Eva Tuchscherer

Animation, 7´
by Robin Marx, Sujing Lin and Natalia Alicja Dziwisch

Pause 20:00-20:30

Prunx — Iron Dream
Music, 4´
by PrunX

Feature, 112´
by Shahin Ganji

Thursday 22nd

Feeling of a home
Docu, 26´
by Michalis Kastanidis and Io Chaviara

L'incroyable et merveilleux voyage de la famille Hofmann dans les rues de Californie
Short, 19´
by The Hofmann Family

Meandro rosso
Animation, 3´
by Paolo Bandinu

Mandy miller
Short, 25´
by Uli Römmler

Big sister is watching you
short, 5
by Christa Biedermann

Una nouvelle ere
Docu, 9´
by Ludwig Reuter

Shadow and reflection
Music, 7´
by Dirk Markham and VJ Yagama

Pause 20:00-20:30

A´cul -bio
Music, 4´
by Julian Spillner

One in a million
Docu, 17´
by Steve and Alex Wilmer

The Astronauts' Bodies
Feature, 73'
by Alisa Berger

Friday 23rd

Short, 4´
by Dave Lojek

Short, 7´
by Denise Ekale Kum

Metal in Egypt
Docu, 57´
by Ralph Kronauer and Luca Tommasini

The red thread
Short, 4´
by Frederic Leitzke

Short, 10´
by Jakob Grunert

pause 20:00-20:30

Furious few — something is broken
Music, 4´
by Christiania Krueger

Blind & Hässlich
Feature, 101´
by Tom Lass


Saturday 24th

4 Blocks, 1 Reaction Video
docu, 18’
by Michelle Ruiz and Anna Xian

The heavy atoms
Short, 23´
By Alice evermore

Short, 8´
by Simon Adegbenro

Desire fear
Short, 5´
by Christian Pfeil

Animation, 5´
by Anne Breymann

pause 20:00-20:30

brockmann // bargmann — Horizont
Music, 5´
By hypertrashwonderland

Feature, 130´
By Murat Ünal

Boddinale Program 2018 ends here__


Sunday 25th Awards Cerimony and rescreening of all winners.
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