Biosphere workshop - create your forest! @ Bauhaus Campus Berlin, Berlin [18. November]

Biosphere workshop - create your forest!

13:00 - 18:00

Bauhaus Campus Berlin
Klingelhöferstr. 14, Berlin
Running though the city, we don't always have time to contemplate nature. Biosphere is a unique ecosystem which will bring a touch of forest to your house and make you rediscover the fascinating life of plants. With our help, a little bit of gravel, soil, water and greenery, your Biosphere will be ready to grow!

During the workshop we are going to explain how the ecosystem works in the jar, how to take care of your personal forest and simply make one with your own hands.

As always, we will surprise you with different types of plants and beautiful jars — you will be equipped with all the materials needed to create and leave the workshop with a self-made Biosphere in your hands.

This workshop is created in collaboration with the Holy Foods House and the Bauhaus Campus Berlin — a unique place on the map of Berlin, where new model of social inteactions and community creation is being introduced. Hosted in a tiny house, the idea enhances diversity and sustainability.
Everyone is welcome — let’s meet, talk and create together!

Registration and tickets:

13:00 — 14:30 — SOLD OUT

16:00-17:30 — SOLD OUT

18:00 —
Step by if you have any questions concerning the idea and plants or you want to stroll through the campus and discuss green solutions for the city.
Also check out the work of the Tinyhouse university if you're interested!
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