Avi Berg: Cataract - Opening Night @ The Fluid Gallery, Berlin [14. September]

Avi Berg: Cataract - Opening Night

21:00 - 02:00

The Fluid Gallery
Anzengruberstraße 3, 12043 Berlin
The Fluid Gallery — 2nd Session (24.08.-02.11.2017)
proudly presents

CATARACT by Avi Berg
an audio visual photo installation

Let's celebrate the premiere of an amaizing piece of audiovisual art in Ludwig's backroom called «Werkraum» — with a special Art Lounge Night where you can go deep inside the images, voices and sounds. Avi Berg of course will be there to answer questions and talk about his work.

A (medical) condition in which the lens of the eye or only part of it becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision of the whole, or part of a person’s field of vision.
“…with the growing 'hyperrealism' of the images with which the media bombard us — more and more, we perceive only color and outline, no longer depth and volume: 'Without visual limit there can be no, or almost no, mental imagery; without a certain blindness, no tenable appearance.' Or — as Lacan put it — without a blind spot in the field of vision, without this elusive point from which the object returns the gaze, we no longer 'see something'; the field of vision is reduced to a flat surface, and 'reality' itself is perceived as a visual hallucination.” Slavoj Zizek – The Plague of Fantasies

AVI BERG‘s photographs in this exhibition are from his series “What do we look at and what do we see — when we gaze at Gay Porn portraits” (2014).
They are treated ready-mades taken originally from gay sex photo-blogs. By means of their expropriation from their “natural” customary habitat and context — Cyberspace – they raise several issues about the distinction between Public Gay Male Nakedness, Nudity, Sex & Pornography; about the way we look at these images; about what we see when we look at them and about the nature of the act of looking-seeing more generally.
Outside of the artistic world, are we at all willing to consider any, or even some explicit sexual imagery as anything but Pornographic? What might our all-too-quick tendency to associate sex with Pornography tell? Assuming we don’t dare to directly attribute negativity to Sex, and noting the fact that despite the evolution of how we view Pornography, it is still partially regarded as negative; isn’t this association allowing us to do so through the back door? Does all this not ultimately indicate that a deep, unresolved ambiguity if not hypocrisy still exists with regards to our confused, confusing and even contradictory relationship to sex, whereby love, fear, desire, attraction and dread all intersect and intermingle?

Artist. Photographer, (in the past, Painter. A Sexual, Political and Ever-Learning Human Being. A Father. A Son. An Orphan.
Born in Israel in 1960. A Human Rights Lawyer, a Kitchen and Pastry Chef. A Tightrope Walker.
Since 2011 resides in Berlin, in a personal, political, voluntary exile.

CATARACT will be shown the next 3 weeks, occasionally and fluently supplemented with works of other artists.

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