Spindrift [Psychedelic Western Rock/USA] + Support @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin-Friedrichshain [26. Oktober]

Spindrift [Psychedelic Western Rock/USA] + Support

20:00 - 23:00

Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Laskerstr. 5, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany
SPINDRIFT is a cinematically driven psychedelic, western rock band currently hailing from Los Angeles whose musical output has spanned over two decades. Created by guitarist-singer-
songwriter turned actor-composer-producer Kirpatrick Thomas, the band's uniquely talented roster serves up an inspiring and creative ethic that remains a mainstay throughout the ever shifting
musical climate.

While their more current, mature sound may resemble something of a 4-5 piece Ennio Morricone inspired mini-orchestra, the group's formulaic years in the college town of Newark, Delaware(circa the 90's) delivered the sound of a total different animal. Early influences from The Doors, to the vintage reverb drenched sounds of Surf Rock, the global rythm of Exotica, Shoegaze, Punk, and the progressive sounds of 70's Spacerocklike Hawkwind provided a foundation for countless live
shows and early experimental recordings.

In 2001, three-quarters of the band relocated to the West Coast while Thomas began to collaborate with members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. SPINDRIFT then broke into indie film scoring by first releasing a ficticious Soundtrack concept album. It would go on to become the catalyst to 2008's feature Spaghetti Western homage film The Legend of God's Gun (Dir. by Mike Bruce). The updated Soundtrack was released on Tee Pee Records, and the film earned the attention of Quentin Tarantino who used their song «Indian Run» in his biker exploitation film Hell

Following the success of The Legend of God's Gun, the 2009 follow up record, The West was released on The Dandy Warhol's Beat the World label and is now set for a vinyl re-release on Xemu Records this Fall. In the months that followed, the band went on tour with The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, and headlined several more US Tours.

After a brief lineup change in 2010, Thomas had developed a more evolved and diverse approach with the conceptual film score album Classic Soundtracks Volume 1. Their first European Tour
followed with Black Rebel Motorcylce Club. SPINDRIFT's music was then featured on HBO's East Bound and Down (Seasons 1 &2), Showtime's Californication, and two more feature indie feature films DUST UP(Dir. Ward Roberts) and Treasure of the Black Jaguar (Dir. by Mike Bruce).

SPINDRIFT's 2012 album Ghost of the West, was a collection of classic Old Western cowboy tunes and accompanied the Ghost Town Tour that same year. This five week tour performing in
over 21 unknown empty Gold Rush towns across the arid, deserted Western USA was documented on film and edited for the feature Spindrift: Ghost of the West(Dir. Burke Roberts). The
soundtrack was released again on Tee Pee Records, and the film is set for premier this Fall beginning with the Almerian Western Film Festival in Tabernas, Spain.

Some of SPINDRIFT's notable live performances include shows with punk legends X in front of a crowd of 8,000+ in downtown LA's Pershing Square, multiple collaborations with Dead Kennedy's
Jello Biafra, festivals such as Reverence (Portugal), Roadburn, Incubate (Tilberg), SXSW, Levitation France, Liverpool Psych Fest, as well as Austin Psych Fest Levititation #'s 1, 3, 5, and 7. More recently, after signing with publisher BMG, Thomas has been working with Viceland on «Hamilton's Pharmacopia» and «King of the Road» Seasons 1 & 2.

SPINDRIFT will be performing in the United States this Summer and in Europe this Fall in promotion of their film works with new material from their ongoing musical library Classic Soundtracks Volume's 2,3, & 4.

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