Point of Dispute - Łączny & Zawisza @ Berlin Blue art, Berlin [19. August]

Point of Dispute - Łączny & Zawisza

18:00 - 21:00

Berlin Blue art
Köpenicker Str. 96, 10179 Berlin
Agnieszka Zawisza/Jakub Łączny
Point of Dispute

Opening: Saturday, August 19th, 6-9 p.m.
Opening hours: Sunday + Monday, August 20th — 21st, 2-6 p.m.

The exhibition will confront the works of two artists, Agnieszka Zawisza and Jakub Łączny, both educated in the field of painting but coming from different backgrounds. Agnieszka’s work focuses on the exploration of different means of expression, such as the use of colour to evoke emotions. Her work is often spontaneous and vivid, with special attention given to the notion of chance. Her paintings may be perceived as abstract, but the artist’s interests focus on landscape and depiction of space with photographs used as a starting point for inspiration and further development of the work’s vision. Jakub’s works are painted with rigorous discipline. In the initial phase of his work process, the artist uses digitalised images. Further on the paintings done in the technique of acrylic on canvas are later photographed to use parts of those images in video projections which overlap the painted image. Thus a third dimension, the dimension of time is added.
The two artists share a common interest in the depiction of space, but their approach is different, thus the “dispute”. The confrontation of works by the two artists will give the viewers an opportunity to compare two different viewpoints and attitudes. In their BERLIN BLUE art show the two artists clash their works in a dispute over different means of expression and use of tools, but the winner remains one – Painting itself, as a medium that remains alive and kicking way into the 21 century and times to come.
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