Ben Walsh + Mister Ott feat. Ben Walsh and Aron Ottignon @ Prachtwerk Berlin, Berlin [25. August]

Ben Walsh + Mister Ott feat. Ben Walsh and Aron Ottignon

20:00 - 22:00

Prachtwerk Berlin
Ganghoferstr. 2, 12043 Berlin
Ben Walsh Music
Ben Walsh, one of Australia's most innovative drummers,
has made a name for himself as one of the best Jungle, drum n Bass drummers on the globe.
Over 20 years rocking dance floors with Australian Live electronic mavericks «THE BIRD», allowed him a platform to deliver his high energy frenetic drum style. Constant International touring and finding himself away from his home in Australia he turns to technology & makes a solo project.

Remix Experiment like «The Bird» provides the dance floor with heavy Bass lines and floor shaking beats drummed in real time, but has a unique twist. Although a huge advocate of live playing, Ben's love of Technology and electronic music has compelled him
to experiment with a new range of gadgets and devices that deliver electronic music in a very «human»way.
Over 4 years of research and development he has pioneered a way of interacting with machines that are purely driven by his energy and ideas, and like organic improvised music each performance is unique.
Melodies delays and bass lines are triggered by his voice and drum rhythms. The whole arrangement breathes and follows Ben's natural musical decision allowing improvisation to remain intact. There are no click tracks, NO BPM or play button. If there is no rhythm being played or sung the computers remain still.
But when human energy is generated, music seamlessly evolves around Ben's rhythm, harnessing carefully detailed musical frameworks, devices that operate upon variables and randomization…
In simple terms...The Machines listen and behave organically.

Apart from playing with sound Ben utilizes his love of VJing and Turntablism together scratching and manipulating a visual collage, cutting an remixing a Mashup of 50's/60's/70's and early 80's visual archive using his new invention the gravity scratch. A unique device he created
which allows Ben to be able to scratch with the same dynamics & precision as he does on the drum kit.

Part art piece mostly a dance floor event, REMIX EXPERIMENT is one of those things that could quite possibly only be born from the mind of an artist such as Ben Walsh, a human bomb of rhythm and melody,

New technologies and electronic music of the last decade/ primal energy and spirit & soul of live performance.
The very gap between Human & Machine working in tandem is where REMIX EXPERIMENT comes into its own element

Mister Ott
Everywhere he’s been, Matt Ottignon has soaked up the local music culture, collaborating with resident artists and creating new music. Not ‘world music’ in the accepted sense, Matt’s original compositions for MISTER OTT comprise an amalgamation of native melodies from many sources, blended with the free-form improvisation and syncopation for which African-pedigreed jazz is renowned. In particular, Matt has a keen interest and involvement with the very unique sounds of Ethiopian music. He toured Ethiopia in 2011 with Sydney-based Dereb The Ambassador.

Aron Ottignon
Aron Ottignon is an extremely gifted pianist. Prizes have been rained on him ever since he began playing, and he could have fallen into the virtuosity trap and lent his talents to Rachmaninoff and Ellington, hiding behind those ten fingers. But an authoritative persona and some remarkable artistic convictions were maturing beneath the surface in this child prodigy, and today, from Auckland (where he was born in 1982) to Paris, and from Woodkid to Stromae, people have seen that the winding path he's taken was guided by an arrow-straight ambition that finally materialised in a first album.

Einlass/Doors: 19:00
Anfang/Show start: 20:00
Eintritt/Entrance: 5-7€
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