Mobile Izakaya 居酒屋 at Kame Japanese bakery in Mitte @ Kame Japanese Bakery, Berlin [12. August]

Mobile Izakaya 居酒屋 at Kame Japanese bakery in Mitte

17:08 - 23:57

Kame Japanese Bakery
Linienstr. 113, 10115 Berlin
Mobile Izakaya Berlin and Kame Japanese Bakery invite you to one special IZAKAYA evening experience.
<First time in Mitte!!>
— — — Menu list

【前菜 starter】
◎枝豆 «Edamame» v* 3
~ Boiled green soy-beans seasoned with Himalayan salt.

«Sweetcorn potage» v* 3,5
~ Strained potage of grilled sweetcorn with white miso and 'Konbu Dashi' broth.

«Vegetables fried marinade» (v*) 6
~ Assorted vegetables fried and steeped in soy-sauce based 'Konbu Dashi' broth. Bonito flakes on top.
*Optional bonito flakes are extractable for vegetarian.

【魚介 seafood】
«Aji Nanban» 6,5
~ Fried horse-mackerel with sliced vegetables marinated in vinegar&soy-sauce. JP's Escabeche.

◉海老の蒸し饅頭 «Prawn Manjyu» 6,5
~ A steamed ball of prawn and minced onion with mashed Tofu, served with citrus soy-sauce 'Ponzu'.

【肉 meat】
«Aburi Pork belly & Leek» 7
~ Slow cooked pork belly, seared and dressed with sliced leek and flavoured soy-sauce.

◉和風ローストビーフ «Roast Beef» 8
~ JP's way of roasted beef and sliced vegetables, served with wasabi sauce.

【握り鮨 Nigiri-zushi】
◉握り鮨 七貫
«Seven choicest Nigiri-zushi» 14
~ 7 kinds of exquisite hand-formed, traditional sushi plate, dish up as originally dressed each.

Tuna, w/Yuzu-Kosho. まぐろ
Spear squid, w/Shiso Nikiri. いか
Octopus, w/Tsume. たこ
Salmon, w/truffle-miso. サーモン
Eel, w/Sansho pepper. うなぎ
Surf clam, w/lemon salt. ほっき貝
Tamago, w/sea weed 'Nori'. たまご

◉炙りトロサーモン 握り二貫
«Aburi Toro-salmon Nigiri» 5
~ Seared salmon belly with truffle-moso sauce, 2 pieces of hand-formed sushi.

【巻き鮨 Maki-zushi】
«Triple classic roll» 10
~ 18 pieces of 3 kinds of raw fish classic roll set.
Tuna / Sea bream / Salmon.
(まぐろ / たい / サーモン)

«Mackerel & Gali roll» 3,5
~ Vinegared mackerel and pickled ginger, 6 pieces of classic roll.

«Three raw fish special roll» 10
~ 8 pieces of inside-out roll.
Tuna / Sea bream / Salmon all together out side, 'Surimi' and cucumber inside.

«Avocado & Apple roll» 10
~ 8 pieces of inside-out roll.
Fresh avocado outside, pickled apple and radish inside.

【汁物 soup】
«Pork & vegetables miso soup» 4,5
~ Sliced pork belly and kinds of root crops and cabbage in white miso soup.

v* marked for veggies.
*Some of menu might vary depending on availability at market and supplier, and fishmonger.
※ 仕入れの状況により内容に多少の変更の可能性があります。

— — — **An izakaya (居酒屋) is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking.**

We would like to introduce this nice, and yet important culture/custom from Japan to Berlin, by serving some classical ''Izakaya'' dishes (some non-classical, creative dishes as well), which are usually served as small dishes to snack with drinks.
(pretty much similar to Tapas from Spain.)

居酒屋文化をベルリンにも浸透させる事を使命に2014年より始動、居酒屋定番メニューや創作メニューを ''日本のタパス'' としてベルリンの人達に紹介し、気軽に試してもらえるようベルリン市内のロケーションにて移動居酒屋飯を提供しています。

== == ==

**For reservation, please write us at
Mobile Izakaya Berlin
[email protected]

** Reservation of bigger group more than 8 persons, we may have to ask to choose the time either at 18:30 — 20:30 or at 20:30 — 22:30 because of the limited ammount of tables & seats.**
席数、テーブル数に限りがあるため8名以上のご予約はお時間を18:30 — 20:30 又は20:30 — 22:30のどちらかから選んでいただくことがありえることをあらかじめご了承ください。
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