Destroy All Monsters Labelnight @ Griessmuehle, Neukölln [vom 17. bis 18. August]

Destroy All Monsters Labelnight

17. - 18.
23:58 - 08:00

Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
Douglas Greed [Freude am Tanzen / Bpitch]
Frank Martiniq [Stroboscopic Artefacts / Boxer Rec. / Pfand]
Dr.Nojoke – Live [Destroy All Monsters / Clikno / Klangscheiben]
Logic Not – Live [Destroy All Monsters]
Negativ Dekadent [Destroy All Monsters / Lebensfreude]
Zuckermann [Destroy All Monsters / Lebensfreude]
Visuals by Lucas Gutierrez

– Destroy All Monsters Labelnight –

Destroy All Monsters, left wing, leftfield Techno label from Hong Kong and Berlin celebrates its special Techno approach by inviting an old friend of the family, Douglas Greed. Although not so much known for producing ‚Techno Techno‘, he is a versatile artist with a rather sombre side to him who manages to come up with Techno inspired tunes that tweak expectations and make you ready for delightfully dark experiences on the dancefloor and beyond. Jena just spells Techno differently than the capital.

As do the Destroy all Monster’s All Stars with their global background rooted in Asia (and the capital). They will frame the night with their subtle, yet uncompromising Techno by Zuckermann, Negativ Dekadent, Dr.Nojoke (live) and Logic Not (live). Expect a surprising and enlightening journey that represent 2 distinctly different ways to define Techno.

But, juxtapositions wouldn’t be complete without the occasional third party point of view to shine some light on them (or, black them out). This time, Frank Martiniq agreed to take on the role of the party’s devil’s advocate and will bring his delicately textured vibes and slow building DJ style to the monsters table. Pick your side on that famous Griessmuehle silo dancefloor and watch the monster battle unfold.
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