Berlin Hummus Festival @ Birgit&Bier, Berlin [27. August]

Berlin Hummus Festival

14:00 - 02:00

Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin

Where is the best Hummus coming from? How come one dish can taste so different every time it reaches your palates?
So many theories about Hummus, and yet, in its place of origin — the middle east, it is probably the only thing every human being shares love to. Hummus brings people together, and so shall we!

Several different Hummus experts from Lebanon, Syria, Israel and even Germany will offer you a taste of the magificnet variations and interpretations of the dish.
In the background, bands shall play music originating in the middle east, and DJs will wrap the experience with an easy going Sunday afternoon open air. Berlin Hummus Festival is an event aimed to emphasize small, human pleasures we all share.
What can one ask for more?

All We Are Saying, is Give Chickpeas a Chance!


► Halla-B feat. Avia Shoshani
► Kayan Project
► Orka feat. Ori Lavi

Halla-B combines middle-eastern groove with a synth based-psychedelic approach. The act has been a solid component of the Achtung:// Hafla events since the very beginning. The keyboard-Vocal-playback flare combines middle-eastern groove with a synth based-psychedelic touch. Halla-B is known as a chaotic, uprising and energetic show, creating the ideal musical scenery for an oriental hafla. Special guest Avia shoshani, a newcomer singer-songwriter in the Berliner scene, revives popular and traditional middle-eastern classics with her powerful voice and electrifying stage performance.

Kayan Project performs Arabic, Hebrew and English folk and original songs infused with improvisational elements. The performance swings between times, genres and languages, combining sounds and rhythms from the Middle East and the European West, and bringing their highly-personal musical statement through the refined sound of eastern and western instruments. Lead singer Eden Cami, coming from Israel and Palestine, is a singer-songwriter born in the middle of a land of conflict. Living between two cultures and languages, she embraces them equally as her two mother-tongues, tying together the two edges of their threads to celebrate the cultural wealth (often mistaken for an identity crisis) of every note and word of old and new tunes.

ORKA is the lead singer of one of the biggest spiritual bands of singing circles in Israel, and the lead singer, composer and writer of her band — FOREST. Her projects are very versatile and all deal with her great love to the great spirit and mother nature, very influenced by ceremony medicinal songs, alongside with being influenced by psychedelic rock, folk music and classical music.
Ori Lavi is an Israeli musician, music teacher and therapist, and the drummer of the spiritual singing circle OROT (אורות).
He is also known as the “Chopstick Abuser”, a lively solo act conceived while busking on the streets of Berlin, consisting of a freestyle and loop improvisation on a collection of jar lids, metal boxes and other sound making objects, (ab)using chopsticks as drumsticks.
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