YO! SISSY Marketplace / Saturday July 29th at Festsaal Kreuzberg @ Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin [29. Juli]

YO! SISSY Marketplace / Saturday July 29th at Festsaal Kreuzberg

15:00 - 20:00

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin
YO! SISSY 2017 is almost here!

This year we are hosting a Marketplace featuring a ton of local queer businesses, live music, food and drinks, free STD and HIV testing with Berliner Aidshilfe and Praxis Cordes, plus panel discussions hosted by our artists and production workshops led by Native Instruments.

Enjoy the day for free, then purchase a ticket and stick around to see amazing live acts from Berlin and beyond! Tickets and more information at yosissy.com!

Head over to the Biergarten at Festsaal Kreuzberg Saturday July 29th from 15-20h and directly support local queer business, musicians, and performance artists!

LUZ (Room4Resistance)
Umlilo & Stash Crew (South Africa)
Wicked Hag (Berlin)

17H: Native Instruments MASCHINE WORKSHOP with Hannes Smith (Cine Records, Berlin)

Berlin-based producer Hannes Smith will introduce you to the world of MASCHINE by demonstrating step by step how to easily record and edit samples, and how to create basic beat patterns. This demo is aimed at beginner producers, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Moderated by Neda Sanai, featuring Mary Ocher, Simonne Jones, and Shaun J. Wright.

Should artists be willing to compromise their image or their creativity and identity, or to exhaust their physical and mental health to fit in the moulds of popular culture standards? In this panel moderated by Neda Sanai, performers Mary Ocher, Shaun J. Wright and Simonne Jones will discuss the pressure of the industry weighing on up-and-coming or established artists, and will suggest ways to support the underground and create a stream of resistance against current commercial dictates.

featuring Viva Ruiz, Sky Deep, and Dreea Pavel

How can we all contribute to create and sustain entertainment spaces suitable for a larger number of individuals? News have often shed light on issues such as mixed and un-mixed spaces or ghettoisation, safe zones in festivals for women, club door policies, and lack of accessibility for handicapped event-goers. Performers, DJs, and promoters Dreea, Sky Deep, and Viva Ruiz will lead a discussion around these matters that concern all of us diverse party people.

The YO! SISSY Marketplace will be free and open to the public from 15-20H. We will have these panels, workshops with Native Instruments, live music, food and drink, Free HIV and STD testing with Berliner Aids-hilfe and Praxis Cordes, plus over 30 queer businesses from around Berlin! Buy a ticket at yosissy.com and stick around after the Marketplace for a glorious celebration of queer performance!

Tickets for YO! SISSY available now at yosissy.com!

Produced in collaboration with Native Instruments, Berlin and Your Mom's Agency
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