Organizing your own Show - Music Pool Berlin x ACUD Backyard @ ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin [18. Juli]

Organizing your own Show - Music Pool Berlin x ACUD Backyard

19:00 - 22:00

Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
You want to play a concert and are looking for bookings? How about organising your own show? Maybe inviting others along? At this Music Pool evening we want to look into the ins and outs of organizing a concert and the different activities associated with it: finding the right venue, making a budget, dealing with Gema, insurance etc., renting equipment, putting a team together, making a lineup, promoting the show and so on. In particular, we want to look at concerts at a smaller scale. We have invited concert organisers to share their experiences and insights with you from their different perspectives — booking shows in a venue, promoting concerts of other bands, and organising shows as a musician.

Amande Dagod works at a booking agent for Europe and Germany and does concert production at Puschen ( She’s been previously working at European booking agency Julie Tippex ( and has gathered the past year's experience in booking, tours and concerts production, tour management as well as organising shows for her band Tendre Biche (

Shub Roy is a musician, producer, DJ and has been the booker/music curator at ACUD ( since 2015. He has a played music in a variety of genres and contexts, from punk to experimental, to pop — the most high-profile as a member of Dirty Beaches( He is also one of the co-founders of the No Shade( DJ Training Initiative for Female/non-binary DJs launched in co-operation with Music Board Berlin, runs Revelate ( booking agency representing mainly Berlin-based artists in a variety of styles, and has a weekly show on Berlin Community Radio(

Kirsten Hahn aka Kitty Solaris ( is a musician, label manager & music promoter (Solaris Empire) and booker at Schokoladen (Lofi-Lounge). She has been promoting shows in Berlin and Germany since 2005. She also presents Berlin based and touring artists in her monthly show Solaris Empire Lounge at Alex Radio Berlin.

Sascha «Säsh Dustown» Höltge is a musician, booker, promoter and organizer from and in Berlin, has been booking plenty of shows and germany-wide tours for his bands Operators and Val Sinestra,
( | and is a IHK-certified event organizer of concerts and festivals in different genres: Psychedelic Hard Rock as DUSTOWN ( | and Heavy Metal with the association Berlin Swamp Conspiracy ( | He worked as booker & promoter at (old) White Trash and Bassy ( night manager & bar tender at (old) Festsaal Kreuzberg ( and is currently working at one of Berlin's most diverse and exciting places, Urban Spree (

Sebastian Hoffmann has been promoting shows in Berlin since 2005, and currently co-curates the annual Down by the River Festival ( and the monthly concert series Fourtrack on Stage ( at Schokoladen. From 2012-2016, he booked European tours as part of the Paper & Iron agency (, and now works as an consultant for the Touring Artists ( help desk on questions revolving around artists’ international mobility.

DJ Set after the talk: Lucrecia Dalt

This Music Pool evening is part of the ACUD backyard summer and will be outside in nice weather.

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