Poetry Meets Soul pres. Qudus & Habib + J.Lamotta すずめ @ Prachtwerk Berlin, Berlin [25. Mai]

Poetry Meets Soul pres. Qudus & Habib + J.Lamotta すずめ

20:00 - 23:59

Prachtwerk Berlin
Ganghoferstr. 2, 12043 Berlin
POETRY MEETS Soul is a smooth continuation of the popular event POETRY MEETS Hip Hop, providing you with an intimate and exclusive evening full of Soul, Blues, Jazz and Poetry.
Produced by The Poetry Meets Series
Every 3rd Thursday of a month at Prachtwerk Neukölln.

On this upcoming edition of Poetry meets Soul we are presenting you special guests Qudus & Habib as well as free-jazz, neo-soul musician J.Lamotta すずめ as this months' headliner:

J.Lamotta すずめ
J.Lamotta すずめ was born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots. In 2014 she turned her back on a promising jazz career, dropping out of the Jazz Institute Tel Aviv and relocating to Berlin, where she immersed herself in the hip-hop/free-jazz/neo-soul scene.
She began producing her own beats and singing on them, as well as rapping, playing trumpet, percussion & synth. She has released two entirely self-produced EPs: «Dedicated To» (2015) and «Grains of Sand» (2016), and has collaborated with Berlin's leading artists including: Figub Brazlevič (founder Krekpek Records), Vernon D. Hill (J Dilla, Dwele, Slum Village, QuestLove) and Q3000 (Ras G).
«Inspirations are as endless as the space and the ocean», is how Lamotta described her first release. Sun Ra, J Dilla, John Coltrane, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye & Sade have been played over and over on her record-player, to name a few.

Qudus & Habib Singer/Songwriter
Qudus and Habib are extraordinary gifted twins, who share more than just genetics. Their collective DNA intertwines a deeply rooted musical connection with real life experiences.
They will take you on a journey to view life through their eyes as they confront you with their socio-political perspective and their undefineable sound that touches more than just one genre.
Their poetic lyrics and staggering presence on stage carry an emotional range that will take you from touched to euphoric, reflective to calmed down to carried away and serene.
Both have been creatively active as a duo since 2012.

Candice Nembhard (Poet)
Candice Nembhard is a writer, journalist, poet and blogger. Her first short story ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ was launched at Birmingham Book Festival by The Gentlemen Press in 2012. With several poems published, her latest ‘X’ poetry series was picked up by UEA’s Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology via Eggbox Publishing.
In 2016, Candice was top-twenty shortlisted for Harper Collins Publishers’ first BAME Traineeship scheme.
Candice currently writes for The Norwich Radical and Berlin Art Link. Her primary interests are race, womanism, gender/sexuality, the arts, fashion and the Afro-Deustch diaspora.
She is working on her first solo collection of poetry.

Hanna Nomadin (Poet)
Hanna. based in Amman_Berlin. writer. translator. researcher. trying to dance the gap between academia, art and activism. interested in decolonizing knowledges. seeker of life, radical honesty and beauty. enjoys experimenting with words, languages beyond words and ink. story teller in pursuit of a possible world.

SCREENING of NOWNESS' Just Dance: Let Me by Alexandra Green
Dancers: Georges Hann & Owen Ridley-DeMonick

*Special* OPENER for the Open Stage:
Adi Amati
Adrienne Amartey singt, rapt und produziert als Adi Amati. Es sind diese Universaltalente, die alles alleine können und uns die Musik bringen, die aus einem Guss ist. Wenn zu viele Köche den Brei verderben sind die One-Woman-Shows wie Adi Amati sie liefert, genau das Gegenteil. Sie kann von beiden Richtungen anfangen — erst Beat, dann die passenden Lyrics. Oder die richtigen Worte und dann den Beat, der die dazugehörige Message in die Welt raus trägt. Es ist nicht leicht, wenn man alles alleine macht, aber es hat auch viele Vorteile — eine runde EP als Ergebnis etwa.

Host: Jumọke Adeyanju

For open stage entry write an E-Mail with the art (music or poetry) you want to present to: [email protected]
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