Wisdom In Chains at Bi Nuu @ Bi Nuu, Berlin [8. Juli]

Wisdom In Chains at Bi Nuu

19:00 - 23:00

Bi Nuu
Schlesisches Tor, 10997 Berlin
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Wisdom in Chains
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Wisdom In Chains started out as an international collaboration between members of Krutch (Pennsylvania, USA) and Daredevil (Netherlands). Maarten from Daredevil contacted Mad Joe Black and Richie Krutch, who were both in Krutch at the time, about forming a hardcore band with heavy punk and oi! influences. In September 2001 Maarten came to the US for a recording session with Mad Joe, Richie, and Shawn (drummer for Krutch). The tracks recorded during this session were eventually released on Gang Style Records as the band's self-titled debut (2003). After Out To Win/Mushmouth disbanded, Richie and Mad Joe decided to restart Wisdom in Chains on and, after receiving Maarten's blessing for the project, recruited a new American line-up. Apart from Richie and Mad Joe, the new line-up included Tony Meltdown from The Ninth Plague on guitar, Shannon from Out To Win/Mushmouth on drums, and Greg 'Big Show', a local Stroudsburg musician, on bass. With this line up the band would record its first official full length, 'Die Young' (2005). This lineup remained stable for the next two full length as well as two minor releases. During this period the band began to develop its sound further by incorporating various metal, crossover, and hard rock elements into its songs. The blending of these different genera, which would eventually became one of the defining features of the band's overall sound, has its origins in the writing and recording sessions that would eventually produced the second full length, 'Class War' (2007). The third full length, 'Everything You Know' (2009), continued this genera blending trend. However, after the completion of 'Everything You Know', guitarist Tony Meltdown left the band for personal reasons. Soon after the release of the «Pocono Ghosts» 7" (2011), bassist Greg «Big Show» also left the band due to an injury. They were eventually replaced by Evan, from Mad Joe's old band, Feeble, on bass, and by Mav, from Richie's old band, Krutch, on guitar. With this line up, the band released its fourth full length album, “The Missing Links” (2012), a split 7” with Twitching Tongues (2014) as well as the “We Never Sleep” 7” (2014). After the release of the 'We Never Sleep' 7”, longtime drummer Shannon departed the band to peruse other avenues and was replaced by Luke from Stigma. Currently, the band is in the process of writing its fifth full length entitled 'The God Rhythm', which is expected to be released sometime in mid-2014.
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